June 30, 2019

It has been a real blessing to operate CHR.FM over the last two and half years. It's been wonderful to be able to use our God-given radio talents in providing a live 24/7 stream of Christian hit music across America.  We had to shut down CHR.FM due to financial reasons. Well over $12,000 has been spent setting up and running CHR.FM with very little revenue to support it. We cannot afford to pay the music license fees (which runs close to $2,000 each year) and the hosting and streaming fees we have to pay to get the music to you.

A big THANK YOU to those who have supported CHR.FM in the past.  Our prayer is that CHR.FM has been an encouragement for you during rough patches you may have experienced in your daily life.

If anyone wants to "carry the torch" and continue this service, we will keep this site up for a couple months or so as well as our email address, located at the bottom, if you want to get in touch.

May God richly bless you!

The Volunteers of CHR.FM