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Joshua Micah is a self-starter. He built a massive following for himself online with 750,000 followers on Vine with 130 million views. As he began thinking of how his latest single "Parachute" could impact people, he decided to reach out to Christian radio PDs and MDs and air talent to see what they thought of the song. One day a Boost 101.9 DJ received a Twitter message from Joshua. They checked out the song, loved it and brought it to a music meeting. From there the song received airplay and began circulating across the country.

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Heart Stops Beating

Released in 2018 from the album 20xx - HATCH/Joshua Micah


Released in 2017 from the album Parachute (Single) - 55 Promotion

Who Says?

Released in 2017 from the album 20XX - Joshua Micah/55 Promotion

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Parachute (Single)

Parachute (Single)


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