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In a market flooded with bands it takes something extra special to grab your attention these days. RAPTURE RUCKUS are one of those rare groups that are cutting through the noise and connecting with people all over the world using their catchy blend of rock and hip-hop.

Perhaps the first real display of this magnetism in action came at New Zealand's renowned Parachute Music Festival. There, fronted by talented producer/songwriter Brad Dring, they won the hearts of over 25,000 people and went on to break the festival record for Highest-Selling Debut Act.

Parachute Music were quick to see the potential and sign Rapture Ruckus in 2004, and over the past six years the band has continued to gather an increasing following through extensive touring (U.S, Canada, South Africa, Singapore and Australasia) and the release of three albums out of their native New Zealand. In 200...

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Tidal Wave

Released in 2016 from the album Tidal Wave - Rapture Ruckus Music

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Tidal Wave

Tidal Wave




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