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Running an online radio station is expensive! Our bills include music licenses, steaming hosting expenses, and advertising. In the spirit of total transparency, here is our 2019 budgeted expense chart:

Yearly Expenses Amount
Music License Fees $1,807
Live Stream Hosting $1,188
Online Advertising $3,285
Production/Imaging $550
Equipment & Software* $0
Payroll** $0
Total Yearly Expense: $6,830

*While we do not have funds budgeted for equipment and software this year, our 2016 start-up costs were over $3,600.

**We have no paid staff.

While we run advertisements, the revenue generated covers less than 9% of our expenses.


That's the number of Christ-centered songs heard by our listeners as of February 28, 2019.

If you'd like to help cover the costs of CHR.FM, consider making a donation.  Once expenses are covered, any additional income will be used to increase advertising and bring more people to the positive and uplifting messages of Christ provided by CHR.FM.

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You can read more about Our Mission.

The CHR 26

1 Native Tongue - Switchfoot
Vanguard/Capitol CMG
2 Maybe It's Ok - We Are Messengers
3 The Elements - tobyMac
Forefront/Capitol CMG
4 Symphony (feat. Dillon Chase) - SWITCH
5 Isaac - Hollyn
Gotee Records

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